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John, counsellorWelcome to Torbay Psychotherapy


I'm John, and I am the counsellor for TorbayPsychotherapy. (MNCS). Based in Galmpton, Torbay

It is perfectly normal to find yourself struggling with issues. These can be minor worries or anxieties to some of life's tough challenges, such as grief, divorce or panic attacks. Whatever you are struggling with, we can work through these together.

I practice person-centred therapy, a gentle, non-directive approach that provides a secure, non-judgemental and supportive environment for helping you work through any issues you might face. 

I don't believe in a hard sell to clients, so there is more about me below if you need further information, including fees. It's more important to reach out and speak than to read reams about a counsellor's background.

If you do want to reach out, please use the contact form, where we can arrange a free initial consultation on zoom or in person.

Whatever you choose, I wish you well on your unique journey.

About me 


  • My training is in integrative counselling (integrative means that I have multiple ways of working with clients). Though I work primarily as a person-centred counsellor
  • Person-centred counselling is a philosophy of counselling that has been described as gentle but powerful. Using non-directivity and relying on the inherent power of the client.  Many studies have demonstrated its efficacy in helping people grow and overcome challenges in their lives. A brief description of PCT can be seen at the BACP and a more in-depth explanation and short history in this article
  • I have worked with people from all walks of life, including adults of all ages, children, ex-offenders, students and teachers. Working with a vast array of issues, including grief, anxieties, health issues, relationship issues
  • I am an accredited member of the NCPS and a registered member of the BACP. . I am currently undertaking a masters degree at Marjons University


  • free 30 minute initial consultation
  • 50 pounds per 60 minute session (some concessions available)